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Acidic Rainfall Effect on Erodibility of slope main Aspects in Gachsaran formation (A case study: Kuhe Gach Watershed Area in Izeh Township)

hamzeh saeediyan; Hamid Reza Moradi; Sadat Feiznia; nader Bahramifar

Volume 74, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 543-556


  Acidic rainfall is one of the complications of industry life that a point of view geographically in recent years spread widely and the attention of many researchers has been found. These rains have significant effects on the different ecosystems of earth. In this study, in order to investigate the sensitivity ...  Read More

Investigating the effect of Marl's physical and chemical properties on the amount and forms of erosion (Case study: Aoun Ibn Ali – Tabriz' s Sorkhab)

Saeed Pourheadari; Hassan Ahmadi; ِAbolfazl Moeini; Sadat Feiznia; Mohammad Jafari

Volume 73, Issue 3 , December 2020, , Pages 473-487


  Due to physical and chemical composition and lack of vegetation cover and therefore less organic matter, Marlons formations are the most sensitive formations to erosion, so that by removing the particles of the soil and transporting their to the lower regions, cause different forms of erosions. Due to ...  Read More

Spatial and seasonal variation of PM2.5, PM10 and TSP in surrounding regions of Isfahan city and its relationship with meteorological parameters

Sadat Feiznia; Rabbaneh Roughani; Saeed Soltani

Volume 73, Issue 2 , September 2020, , Pages 393-404


  Particulate matters (PM) has a negative effect on human health especially in industrial and urban areas due to their great potential of reaching the furthest parts of human lungs. Therefore, it is essential to conduct continuous monitoring of PM in order to assess their spatial and temporal trend in ...  Read More

Investigation of Chemical Composition and Source Identification of PM10 Aerosols using Enrichment Factor (Case Study Area: City of Kermanshah)

zeinab nazari; nematollah khorasani; sadat feiznia; mahmoud karami

Volume 72, Issue 4 , March 2020, , Pages 1105-1116


  One of atmospheric phenomena of dry and semi-dry areas and areas adjacent to these areas is the phenomenon of dust and production of particulate matter (PM10) that have many environmental hazards. The purpose of this research is determination of chemical composition and source identification of elements ...  Read More

Changes Detection of Mahrloo Lake Level and it's Surrounding Landuse in the period 1381-1394

mohsen kazemi; sadegh naji; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Khosravi

Volume 72, Issue 3 , December 2019, , Pages 831-842


  One of the strategies to achieve sustainable management of lakes and wetlands is change detection of lakes, wetlands and their surrounding landuses during the specific time periods. In this research, the satellite images from 1381 to 1394 applying geometric and atmospheric corrections were used in order ...  Read More

Investigation on lead dispersion and it's environmental indices in soils near Kushk Pb-Zn mine - Bafgh

sadat Feiznia; ahmad reza mokhtari; mohammad jaaferi; mohammad javad ghanei bafghi; ziba khodayian

Volume 72, Issue 2 , September 2019, , Pages 517-526


  Mining and its various stages is one of the important factors in spreading pollution in natural environments. Contaminations may affect soil and water resources and actually enter the food chain due to absorption by plants. Among mineral elements, lead is more important because of its toxic effects. ...  Read More

Application of SIM and AHP techniques for assessing of shallow landslide susceptibility in Khiov-chai watershed

Seid Saeid Ghiasi; Sadat Feiznia; Alireza moghadam nia; Ali Najafinejad; Somayye Najirad

Volume 72, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 195-212


  Landslide susceptibility assessment is a primary tool for understanding the basic characteristics of slopes that are prone to landslides. In this study, a landslide susceptibility assessment was accomplished, by adopting the Statistical Index Method (SIM) and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Ten ...  Read More

Investigation of factors affecting landslide and their susceptibility zoning in Latyan catchment.

Asghar Kouhpeima; Sadat Feiznia

Volume 71, Issue 4 , March 2019, , Pages 1073-1083


  Landslide causes many social and economic losses in many parts of the world every year. These losses can be greatly reduced by using appropriate management measures such as mapping landslide susceptibility mapping in the basin. The aim of this study is landslide susceptibility mapping using Mahalanobis ...  Read More

Study of Groundwater Quality of Mashhad Aquifer using GIS and Multivariate Statistical Techniques

mahboobeh sarbazi; Sadat Feiznia; Mohammad Mahdavi

Volume 71, Issue 3 , December 2018, , Pages 645-657


  Water quality is always one of the major challenges for managers and decision makers in water resource management. However, the problems of water quality are more important than quantity. One of the main ways in thorough review and assessment of water quality using multivariate statistical techniques ...  Read More

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Nitrate Concentration in Groundwater (Case Study: Watershed Silveh)

Omid Asadi Nalivan; Seid Saeid Ghiasi; Sadat Feiznia; Narges sagghazade

Volume 71, Issue 2 , September 2018, , Pages 307-319


  At present, Groundwater contamination by nitrate, serves as one of the most important environmental issues. In respect to various land uses of Silveh basin, its ground water quality parameters might vary spatially and temporally. For this, ground water samples taken from 145 points were evaluated. After ...  Read More

Chronology of small dams sediments based on depth changes in sediment characteristics (case study: Hasan Abdal watershed, Zanjan province)

sadat feiznia; Meisam Samadi; Teimur Teimurian

Volume 70, Issue 4 , January 2018, , Pages 953-963


  The age determination of sediments is usually performed by different methods, all of them need a lot of cost, effort and research facilities. The goal of this research is to compare the results of sediment granulometery with precipitation data to perform chronology of sediments. In this study four check ...  Read More

Physico-Chemical Properties and Mineralogical Assessment of Aerosols and Dust Particles throughout the Western Iran(Case Study: Abadan & Urmia Cities)

Hesam Ahmady-Birgani; Sadat Feiznia; Hasan Mirnejad; Hassan Ahmadi; Ken Mc Queen; Mohammad Ghorban Pour

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 551-567


  This study investigates the mineralogy and physico-chemical properties of atmospheric particulates collected at Abadan (southwestern Iran) near the Persian Gulf coast and Urmia (northwestern Iran) during ambient and dust events over 6 months (winter 2011; spring 2012). Particle sizes collected were: ...  Read More

Estimation of sediment yield of landslide by SHETRAN Model, case study: Zidasht (2) Drainage Basin of Taleghan.

Mozafar Ansari; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Ahmadi; MohammadAli Fattahi Ardekani

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 605-617


  Soil is one of the most vital natural resources in any country. Nowadays, lands are rarely found worldwide without having severe erosion problem. Landslide is one of the soil erosion processes in which a huge volume of soil is washed away. SHETRAN Model was used in this study to assess the landslides ...  Read More

Surface sediments of southern Khuzestan plain classification based on physical and chemical characteristics and determine the most effective factors and variables in the variability of the sediments

REZA SHAHBAZI; Sadat Feiznia; Razieh Lak; Hasan Ahmadi

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 695-709


  Study of surface sediments of southern Khuzestan plain in Shadegan marshes surroundings was made to understand the nature of the sediments, their classification and determining the most effective physical and chemical characteristics of sediments change. Samples were taken from 27 points inside the work ...  Read More

Application of a logistic regression to assessing and mapping frequency of Springs in karst regions (Case study: Bojnourd Basin)

Ali Akbar Nazari Samani; alireza oliaye; sadat feiznia

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 791-803


  Assessment frequency of springs has become an important issue for land use planning, especially water resource identification and environmental protection.The purpose of this study is to produce a spring occurrence potential map in Bojnourd Basin, based on a logistic regression method using Geographic ...  Read More

Evaluating of Efficiency of Empirical Formulae Based on Grain-Size and Infiltration Equations for Estimating Sediment Hydraulic Conductivity (Case Study: Jarmeh Flood Spreading System, Khuzestan Province)

mohammad moazami; Sadat Feiznia; Majid Khayyat Kholghi; Arash Malekian

Volume 70, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 235-246


  Hydraulic conductivity is an important parameter for controling water flow through porous media. Hence, accurate estimation of this parameter is important for evaluating flow exchange between surface water and groundwater. In this study, 12 empirical formulae based on grain-size and 4 infiltration equations ...  Read More

Investigating Geology Impact upon Flood Occurrence (Case Study: Joneghan Watershed Basin, Shahr-e-Kord)

sadat Feiz Nia; Mariam Musavian; Zohreh Abdolahian Dehkordi; Khadijeh Ebrahimi Dorche

Volume 69, Issue 4 , March 2017, , Pages 1017-1030


  Physical characteristics of drainage basins suchas geological materials, landuse type and vegetation cover, soil type, surfacepermeability, depth of underground water table, topographical conditions anddrainage are important factors in flood occurrence which affect prevailingequations on water movement ...  Read More

Optimizing the rate of contribution of different sources in sediment yield of loess areas(Case study: Kechik Catchment)

Ali Fazlollahi; Ali Salajegheh; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Ahmadi

Volume 69, Issue 3 , December 2016, , Pages 647-660


  Sediment fingerprinting is a method for identifying sediment sources and determining the rate of contribution of each source. In this method, the natural tracer technology is used, that combined from samples collection, laboratory analyzing and statistical modeling. The natural tracers are measured in ...  Read More

Identification of Homogenous Watershed Basins for Estimating Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Applying Different Methods of Cluster Analysis (Case study: North Alborz)

nasim arman; Ali Salajegheh; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Ahmadi; Jamal Ghoddousi; ali kiani rad

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, , Pages 261-273


  Identification of homogenous watershed sub basins allows generalization of environmental study results. For this purpose, first available data for 27 selected watersheds in North Alborz regarding 21 variables including physiographic and climatic characteristics was gathered. The most important factors ...  Read More

Mineralogy Investigation of Sediments of Riverbed in Shafarood Watershed, Gilan Province for Determining the Rate of Erosion and Sedimentation

Mohammad Rostamtabar; Sadat Feiznia; ziaodin Shoaii

Volume 69, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 79-92


  More accurate understanding of rock formations and sedimentary units sensitive to erosion willenable us to present appropriate and timely methods in order to prevent accelerated erosion. In thisstudy, through predefined sampling from main and minor channels and granulometric analysisusing index sieves, ...  Read More

Assessment of soil loss estimation method by field indicators (Case study: Shahrak Watershed, Taleghan Basin)

Nayereh Ghazanfarpour; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Ahmadi; Mohammad Jafari; Masoud Nasri

Volume 68, Issue 3 , October 2015, , Pages 589-606


  Estimation of the amount of soil loss measurement of field indicators is a low-cost method, is easy to learn and can be simply applied. In order to measure and make assessment of soil loss amount by field indicators method in Shahrak Watershed, first map of the work units was prepared and then, measurements ...  Read More

Study Of Effective Factors On Sediment Yield of Loess Deposits Using Rainfall Simulator

Mohammad Nohtani; Sadat Feiznia; Hasan Ahmadi; Hamidreza Peirovan

Volume 68, Issue 2 , September 2015, , Pages 399-412


  Loess Deposit is one of the most important Quaternary Deposits of northeastern parts of Iran which have high erosion rate. This study was performed with field- Rainfall- Simulator which has a plot area of 1 m2 in Gorganrood Drainage Basin to determine the effective factors on sediment yield. Landuse, ...  Read More

Assessment of desertification potential using IMDPA model In Derakhte Senged water shed

Elham alsadat Abrisham; Sadat Feiznia

Volume 67, Issue 3 , December 2014, , Pages 345-358


  The Derakhte Senged area is located in south of Neishaboor town at Khorasan Razavi province. In this research, desertification intensity of Derakht senged area was evaluated using IMDPA, one of the newest method to Assess desertification potential in arid and semi arid regions of Iran. To evaluate desertification ...  Read More

An investigation on the effect of floodwater spreading on physicochemical soil attributes (Case study: Gachsaran Floodwater spreading station)

Mohsen Padyab; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Ahmadi; Ardeshir Shafei

Volume 67, Issue 2 , July 2014, , Pages 177-187


  Small precipitation with temporal and spatial variation of rainfall is the main responsible factors on flood occurrence in arid and semi arid regions. Floods in their regions usually contain high concentration of sediments which when they are deposited on the surface of lands, they change the properties ...  Read More

Determining an appropriate combination of geochemical elements to investigate the relative importance of lithological units in sediment production of Khor-Sefidarak Basin

Sadat Feiznia; Soheila Youneszadeh Jalili; Hasan Ahmadi

Volume 66, Issue 4 , March 2014, , Pages 633-646


  Due to difficulties in the application of traditional methods for identifying sediment sources, fingerprinting techniques, based on physical, chemical and organic properties of sediment and source materials, are increasingly being used as a valuable and effective alternative approach to obtain such information. ...  Read More