Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran



Evaluate non-market functions and services of the environment, including tourism for many reasons, including the recognition and understanding of environmental and ecological benefits by humans, presenting the country's environmental issues to decision makers and planners, adjusting and modifying the set of national calculations such as GDP It is important to nationalize and prevent the indiscriminate destruction and exploitation of natural resources.
The purpose of this study is to estimate the economic value of rangeland tourism function of 4 villages of Maneh and Samolghan counties of North Khorasan province, using conditional valuation method. the logit model was estimated using the maximum likelihood method. The required data were collected by completing 133 questionnaires and face-to-face interviews with visitors from all four areas. The sample size was obtained using Cochran's formula and the sampling method used is random sampling. Based on the results of the model used to determine the factors affecting the value of tourism in the region, the variables of marital status, employment status, proposed amount and rangeland attractiveness are significant at 5% probability level and effective factors in the WTP rate of visitors to use rangelands Are studied. the average WTP as input price for each visitor to use the rangelands of the region was 5880 Tomans and the recreational value of each hectare of rangelands in the region was 49556 Tomans per year. the rangelands of the studied villages have significant tourism value, which can help plannersand executives in planning, protection and sustainable use of rangelands in the region.