From the years before 1961, the results of the research conducted in various fields of wood science and forest were published in the form of brochures called Wood Science Journal, and samples of them are recorded and kept in the library of the Faculty of Natural Resources located in Karaj. From 1348 onwards, when various fields of natural resources were established within the framework of the Faculty of Forestry, the mentioned publication became more complete and published articles in different fields of forest, rangeland, and wood science, and then it was published as a quarterly magazine (4 issues per year) under the name of Iranian Natural Resources Journal. Based on the regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Council for the Review of Scientific Journals of the country) in 2018, in line with the specialization of journals, this journal was derived into four scientific-research journals, and the scientific and research journal of Pasture and Watershed is one of these cases. come According to the evaluation of Tehran University Publications Committee (Department of Research), the mentioned publication in the field of natural resources sciences of the country is considered as the most excellent journal (99 points out of 100), which is published in Persian with an English summary and has a scientific editorial board and reviewers. ) is. This journal has the credibility of the reference base of the world of Islamic sciences, and its responsible director is the head of the Faculty of Natural Resources. This magazine publishes the latest scientific findings in various fields of natural resources and currently about 10 articles are published online in each issue.