Is it free to publish an article in this publication?

No, in order to complete the editing process, respected authors must pay the relevant fees. The amount of payment is specified in the news section of the Website.

How long does it take to review an article?

The average time depends on the reviewers' response time and the review process, but is usually two months. For more detailed information, you can refer to the statistical information section of the journal.

How to follow the article sent to the journal?

You can use the following two methods:

A- Refer to the publications system and enter the system with a password.

B- Email to the journal office.

How to submit your article to the journal?

1- Registration in the system

2- Enter the names and affilations of all authors in the system (in Persian and English)

3- Upload all starred files, commitment letter form and conflict of interest form in the system

Is it possible to change the names of the authors?

No. According to the letter of commitment, the names and order of the authors will be determined. Thus, after sending the article in the system, there is no possibility of change. Therefore, be careful in sending the names of the authors.

The status of my article has been registered in the system as "Review completed". What does it mean?

If the article is in the initial or final stage, it means that the reviewing answer has been received and is being reviewed by the editor, and the answer will be sent through the system. Therefore, do not contact the journal, because the results will be announced to the authors as soon as it is reviewed.

How to receive acceptance letter?

To receive the acceptance letter, the responsible author can receive the acceptance certificate from the system after the final acceptance of the article, or send an email to the journal expert if needed to sign and stamp the journal.

Can your article be submitted to multiple journals?

No. This is unethical in publishing. If this is done, your article will not be published and if it is published it will withdraw. Your name will then be blacklisted and no other articles will be accepted from you. 

Can several articles be submitted to the journal for publication at the same time?

Each author can submit a maximum of two articles at a time.