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Relationship between landscape features and species diversity and functional diversity of semi-steppe rangeland

Samaneh Sadat Mahzooni Kachapi; Pejman Tahmasebi; Ataollah Ebrahimi; Mohammad hasan Jouri; Mohsen Faal; Reza Omidipour

Volume 74, Issue 4 , March 2022, , Pages 799-820


  Ecological processes at different scales led to heterogeneity in the landscape by changing the pattern of the landscape structure. These would result in fragmentation and disintegration of landscape structures and filtering biodiversity characteristics such as species functional diversity. We performed ...  Read More

Establishing the appropriate model of height-weight relationship of two key species of Dactylis glomerata and Bromus tomentosus to estimate utilization of Javaherdehs’ rangeland of Ramsar

mahdie mahmoodi; Ataollah Ebrahimi; Mohammad Hasan Jouri; pejman tahmasebi

Volume 70, Issue 4 , January 2018, , Pages 991-1003


  The evaluation of utilization of key species is cornerstone of decision-making in rangeland management. Measuring utilization is essential for regulating grazing intensity, grazing pressure and distribution of animals. utilization of two key grass species of Dactylis glomerata and Bromus tomentosus, ...  Read More

Analysis of Gully Morphometery in Relation with Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Soil in Kojur, Noushar, Mazandaran Province

Mohammad Mahdi Hoseinzadeh; Reza Esmaili; Mohammad Hasan Jouri; Samaneh Pourkalhor

Volume 69, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 27-38


  Gully erosion is one of the most destructive types of hydraulic erosion and an important process insoil destruction that in some cases creates long, vast, deep canals. Study area was located in thenortheastern Alborz, Mazandaran province and Nowshar County (Firozkola subbasin a portion ofKojur watershed). ...  Read More