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Selecting a Framework for Analyzing the Integrated Socio-Ecological System of Farmers Exploiting the Groundwater Resources of an Aquifer: Applying COPRAS Decision Model

Zahra Kamyab; Amir Alambeigi; Abdolmotalleb Rezaei; Seyed Mahmood Hosseini

Volume 74, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 137-155


  sustainable exploitation of natural resources depends on recognizing the interdependencies, internal social and ecological systems and their capacity to provide the required services. Therefore, there is a need to rethink and change the approach to systemic management of the social-ecological system, ...  Read More

The analysis of structural pattern of inside group social capital of water resources beneficiaries (case study: Doroodzan downstream Watershed, Fars)

jamileh salimi; Ali Salajegheh; Arash Malekian; Abdolmotalleb Rezaei

Volume 73, Issue 3 , December 2020, , Pages 499-511


  Studying human and social dimension in the management of natural resources, including water resources has been accompanied by growth and development during past several decades. So, we require planning and policy making for the sustainable management of water resources for achieving human and ecological ...  Read More

Analysis of Information Exchange Network among Organizations for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (Study case: Alborz Watershed in Mazandaran province)

Abdolmotalleb Rezaei; Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseini; Ali Asadi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, , Pages 65-79


  Social network analysis used to study the relationship between stakeholders and actors in natural resource management has become a scientific approach. The purpose of this study was analysis of Information Exchange Network among organizations engage in the sustainable management of natural resources. ...  Read More