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An analysis of rangeland beneficiaries' perceptions of participatory governance in rangelands (Case study: rangelands of Aq Qala city, Golestan province)

Seyedeh khadijeh Mahdavi; Maedeh Yousefian; Mohammad Reza Shahraki; Reza Ourmaz

Volume 75, Issue 4 , January 2023, , Pages 573-590


  The need to decentralize government at the local level can guarantee the participation of rangeland beneficiaries. So the present study has analyzed the perceptions of rangeland beneficiaries of participatory governance in Incheh salt marshes in Golestan province. The research is descriptive-survey and ...  Read More

The study of the effective-environmental factors on distribution of Calligonum eriopodum Case study: dune lands of Qean

seyedeh khadijeh mahdavi; gholamreza houseynibamrooud; mouhamadhasan jouri; houseyn tavakouli

Volume 71, Issue 2 , September 2018, , Pages 529-536


  Calligonum eriopodum is the only psammophyte shrub in Iran, which was reported from South Korassan. Searching of environmental limitation of the species was the goal of current research that has been done on dune lands around the east direction of the Qaen city in south Khorassan. First of all, the habitat ...  Read More