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Investigation of cultivation suitable seasons and methods Vicia subvillosa in Mazandaran Telmadare area

ّFarhad Azhir; Mohammad Fayaz

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 534-550


  It was necessary to detect Technical knowledge for advising culturing various plant species which share in production forage rangelands depend on region condition. Vicia subvillosa species seeds were collected from ranges around road direction Azadshahr city toward Shahrood city, on 1900 meter height ...  Read More

The study preference value of rangeland species for sheep and goat. (Case study: Saleh Abad site in province Ilam)

ayad aazami; Mohamad Fayaz; Jeafer Hosianzadeh

Volume 70, Issue 2 , August 2017, , Pages 277-286


  Depending on in which season or in which section of rangeland livestock grazes, it shows certain behavior. Present study is therefore aimed at exploring preference value of species in Saleh Abad rangelands of Ilamprovince from 2007 to 2010. In this study, the preference value of 17 species and annual ...  Read More

Preference value of plant species grazed by sheep during the grazing season in Khoshkerood Saveh rangelands )Case study: cross-breed Sangsari-Afshar)

Sedigheh Zarekia; Mohammad Fayyaz; Niloofar Zare

Volume 70, Issue 2 , August 2017, , Pages 359-372


  Defining the preference value of plant species is necessary for planning and management of livestock and rangeland. The purpose of this study was to investigate the preference value of plant species grazed by sheep during the grazing period in Khoshkeh rood Saveh Rangeland of Markazi Province using species ...  Read More

Capability two timing and preference index methods to determine palatability

Mohhamad Fayaz; Saeedeh Nateghi; Hassan Yeganeh; Taghi Mirhaji; Seyed Ahmad Mousavi

Volume 66, Issue 3 , November 2013, , Pages 447-455


  In this study the effect of month, place and different years on the preferencevalue of Bromus tomentellus in semi-steppe region was studied. The preferencevalue of the Bromus tomentellus was studied in two years and four months in three sites as cheshme anjir (Fars), Badamstan (Zanjan) Firuzkuh (Tehran). ...  Read More