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Comparison of the effect of three woody species of Daphne mezerum, Amygdalus scopaia and Ebenus stellata on the diversity, richness and production of understory herbaceous species

moslem yazdani; reza erfanzadeh; Asghar Mosleh Arani

Volume 73, Issue 3 , December 2020, , Pages 663-673


  Study of the effect of woody plant species on the production, diversity and richness of substratum herbaceous species, especially in the arid and semiarid regions, is essential for the proper management of these ecosystems. Therefore, the rangelands of Chenarnaz region in Khatam city in Yazd province ...  Read More

Investigation of morphological changes and nebkha formation in Capparis deciduas and C. spinosa in arid lands

Asghar Mosleh arany; Hamid Azimzadeh; Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi; Neda imantalab; Ali Dolati

Volume 67, Issue 3 , December 2014, , Pages 475-485


  This study aimed to investigate morphological changes of Capparis deciduas and C. spinosa and their effects on nebkha formation. In order to examine the morphological changes of these plants, nine C. spinosa nebkhas of varying ages were randomly selected and size and number of adventitious roots, number ...  Read More