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Germination response of annual and perennial herbaceous species to fire products in semi-steppe rangelands

Ali Asghar Naghipour; Maedeh Sharifi; Ataollah Ebrahimi; Elham Ghesareh Ardestani; Sina Nabizadeh

Volume 75, Issue 1 , June 2022, , Pages 153-168


  Fire is one of the important ecological factors that affect the dynamics of rangeland vegetation. In recent decades, the incidence of wildfires in semi-steppe rangelands has increased significantly, challenging the adaptive capacity of plants for post-fire regeneration. In the present study, the germination ...  Read More

Comparison of distance-based methods of density estimation of Astragalus verus Olivier and Astragalus albispinus Sirj. & Bornm. (Case study: Steppe Rangeland of Marjan, Chaharmahal-Va-Bakhtiari)

Hamid Jamali; Ataollah Ebrahimi; Elham Ghesareh Ardestani; Fatemeh Pordel

Volume 72, Issue 4 , March 2020, , Pages 926-940


  Density is an important indicator of vegetation evaluation, which several methods have been developed for its assessment, but their accuracy is concerned. To reveal accuracy of each methods, a study site of 32000-m2 in the steppe rangeland of Marjan, Boroujen was selected and divided into eight macroplots ...  Read More