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Modelling of Suspended Sediment Yield and Determination of Effective Factors on sediment variability in Karoon and Karkhe Watersheds

vahid chitsaz; Aliakbar Nazari Samani; Saeed Soltani; sadat feiznia

Volume 73, Issue 2 , September 2020, , Pages 293-303


  Sediment and erosion are two natural phenomena in watersheds. Due to irregular recording and sampling difficulties, daily data are not available for sediment records. Therefore, decision makers and researchers have to apply interpolating methods to estimated sediment yields. In this study, 30 watershed ...  Read More

Evaluating the Different Statistical Models for Flood Susceptibility Mapping in Guilan Province

Eisa Gholami; Mehdi Vatakhah; Seyed Jalil Alavi

Volume 72, Issue 4 , March 2020, , Pages 1011-1022


  Due to the lack of information in most of the watersheds, many researchers attempt to use spatial analysis within Geographic Information System (GIS) in hydrological and Flood Prone (FP) area studies. The present study was designed to compare the efficiency of three models i.e. Support Vector Machine ...  Read More

Spatial and Temporal Evaluation of Soil Erosion using RUSLE model Landsat satellite image time series (Case Study: Menderjan, Isfahan)

shahin mohammadi; Hamidreza karimzadeh; saeid pourmanafi; Saeed Soltani

Volume 71, Issue 3 , December 2018, , Pages 759-774


  Soil is one of the most important production factors that has a great impact on human socio-economic life and the process of soil erosion is one of the environmental issues that threatens the environment, natural resources and agriculture. Spatial and temporal information of the soil loss and soil erosion ...  Read More