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Comparing Ecological Functions of Northern and Southern landscapes of Darehkonari Khashab rangeland, Gachsaran County

Gholam Ali Heshmati; vahid karimian

Volume 69, Issue 3 , December 2016, , Pages 575-585


  To apply scientific and proper management of rangeland ecosystems, having information on health and functions indices of ecosystem is required. Using landscape function analysis, the present study deals with assessing and comparing of ecological indices in northern and southern landscapes, Darehkonari ...  Read More

Diet by Dalagh sheep in east winter rangelands of Golestan province (Case study: Gomishan rangelands)

Gholam Ali Heshmati; Diana Askarizadeh; Rahim Forouzeh

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, , Pages 237-249


  In order to determine the diet of Dalagh sheep, winter rangeland of Gomishan plain was selected. After delineating of the grazingland territory, rangeland condition and plant combination was determined by Range Value method and range trend was obtained by Trend Balance method. Time of bite-count record ...  Read More

An investigation of environment factors’ impact on life form of plants (Case study: Javaherdeh rangelands of Ramsar)

D. Askarizadeh; Gh. A. Heshmati

Volume 65, Issue 4 , March 2013, , Pages 529-540


  Abiotic factors, as topographic and physicochemical properties of soil, are the most important effective factor on vegetation in rangeland ecosystems which have the most important performances to forming and succession of plant vegetation. Ecologic management of rangelands can be desired by better understanding ...  Read More

Assessment of Structural Characteristics of Fertilized Patch in Rangeland Ecosystems (Case Study: Ghareh Ghir and Maraveh Tapeh Rangelands of Golestan Province)

GH.A Heshmati; M S. Azimi; P Ashouri

Volume 63, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 319-329

  Rangeland ecosystem contains various patches with different functions. Structural and functional characteristics of rangeland patches are changed by management practices and can be used to interpret management effects. The structural and functional characteristics of fertilized patches in two rangeland ...  Read More