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Evaluation of Honey Bee Husbandry Suitability in Sarab-Sefid Borujerd by Geographical Information System

Golnaz Kheradmand; Ali Ariapour; Hamidreza Mehrabi

Volume 73, Issue 1 , June 2020, , Pages 75-88


  Honey bee husbandry is one of the multipurpose uses of rangelands that it affects by biotic and abiotic factors that investigated in this study for Sarab-Sefid rangeland of Borujerd County. To evaluation of honey bee husbandry suitability used FAO model include four main model plant cover, weather, topography ...  Read More

Influence of Grazing Intensity on Herbaceous Plant Composition and Diversity of Understory Vegetation in Quercus spp. and Pistacia spp. Forests in Kabir-Kuh Mountain, Darehshahr

Roholah Zeynivand; Majid Ajorlo; Ali Ariapour

Volume 72, Issue 3 , December 2019, , Pages 727-738


  This study aimed to investigate the effects of livestock grazing intensities (lenient, moderate, heavy and no-grazing) on herbaceous plant species composition and diversity (grasses and forbs) in understory of Quercus spp. and Pistacia spp. forest in Kebirkouh Mountain, Darehshahr city, Ilam Province, ...  Read More

Investigating the effect of restoration action on physical and chemical properties of soil (Case study: Behbahan Chahshirin Rangelands)

alam cheraghian; Somayyeh Dehdari; mohammad faraji; Ali Ariapour

Volume 72, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 55-68


  The present study investigates the effect of restoration actions on Mesquite tree planting, the construction Furrow Contour actions and Eucalyptus tree planting on physical and chemical properties of soil in a Chahshirin in 75 km of Behbahan city. In this study, along with each treatment, a non-operational ...  Read More