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1 behbahan university

2 behbahan

3 Department of Natural Resources, Islamic Azad University, Boroujerd Branch


The present study investigates the effect of restoration actions on Mesquite tree planting, the construction Furrow Contour actions and Eucalyptus tree planting on physical and chemical properties of soil in a Chahshirin in 75 km of Behbahan city. In this study, along with each treatment, a non-operational correction treatment was selected as a control, two of which were adjacent to each other. Systematic random sampling was carried out during 3 transects of 100 meters in two depths of 30-0 and 60-30 cm soil in each site of correction and control. Soil samples were transferred to the laboratory and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, organic carbon, lime, clay, silt, sand, electrical conductivity and acidity factors were measured. The results of the independent t-test showed that the factors studied had a significant difference at the level of 1% and 5% compared to the control area. Also, the results of analysis of variance ANOVA between correction treatments in the first and second depths for phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, carbon, lime and Ec showed a significant difference at 1% level. Also, for nitrogen at the first depth and the amount of silt and sand in the second depth, a significant difference was observed at 1% level. In other words, it was observed that the three restoration actions carried out had positive effects on the soil properties; the planting of the tree and the construction of the Farrow Contour had better conditions than the Eucalyptus tree plant site.