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Effect of different levels of water salinity on evapotranspiration and yield of Atriplex canescens

Morteza Shahnori; Maryam Azarakhshi; Mehdi Bashiri; Hasan Rezaee Moghadam

Volume 75, Issue 4 , January 2023, , Pages 627-637


  Evapotranspiration as an important component of the hydrological cycle plays a major role in the study of water balance in watersheds. The purpose of present research was to investigate the response of Atriplex canescens to different levels of water salinity and the effect of irrigation water salinity ...  Read More

Investigation of the efficiency of the stability index model in Different hydrological conditions

Zakieh Safarpour; Jalil Farzadmehr; Ali Golkarian; Mahdi Bashiri

Volume 73, Issue 1 , June 2020, , Pages 139-148


  Landslide is one of significant mass movement which causes normous annual human and sesmic region. Therefore, finding hazardous areas for planning and management of them is necessary. So, in this reasearch, occurred landslide in watershed region of bidvaz dam which has area of 161 square kilometers and ...  Read More

The effects of natural pozzolans and soil compaction on marls erosion control using field rainfall simulator (Case study: Islam-Qaleh region, Razavi-Khorasan)

mehdi bashiri; Seyede Maedeh Kavousi Davoudi

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 619-632


  The soil erosion affects watershed health and lead to different negative consequences.Marl is an erosion sensitive rock that due to its special physicochemical characteristics,establishment of vegetation on it is difficult,so,it needs to management.One of the soil improvement methods is dynamic compaction,which ...  Read More

The Effects of Geological Units’ Characteristics and Slope Gradient on Runoff and Sediment Yield Using Rainfall Simulator (Case study: Senobar Watershed, Torbat-e-Heydarieh)

parisa farzi; maryam azarakhshi; ali rasoulzadeh; mehdi bashiri

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, , Pages 437-447


  Characteristics of stones forming the earth's surface contribute significantly to environmental changes such as soil erosion and movements of soil particles. This study seeks to investigate the main and reciprocal effects of geological units and slope gradient on runoff and sediment production in Senobar ...  Read More