Document Type : Research Paper



Landslide is one of significant mass movement which causes normous annual human and sesmic region. Therefore, finding hazardous areas for planning and management of them is necessary. So, in this reasearch, occurred landslide in watershed region of bidvaz dam which has area of 161 square kilometers and 125 landsliding points are surveyed in different hydrological conditions by index model of slope stability. For specified slopes, graiding test was done and geotechnical parameters were attained. Then, by using Arc view and Arc GIS packages and calibrating parameters in SINMAP and incorporating the geotechnical and hydrological parameters with digital elevation model, SINMAP was conducted. After that, validation was done in two common and high hydrological conditions including rainfalls with a return period of 2-10 years and 20-50 years Respectively. Results showed that the performance of model in simulation of landslides is not appropriate at common hydrological cases. However, increase in hudrological humidity condition, performance of model improves. In calibration and validation, prediction of model increase 21 % and 26 %, respectively. Therefore, utilizing SINMAP model in high hydrological humidity conditions can be useful for choosing dangerous ways according to the landslide map.