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Climatic suitability evaluation for Some Horticultural crops, a Case Study: Makou-Shout County, West Azerbaijan

Javad Seyedmohammadi; Bahareh Delsouz Khaki; Fatemeh Ebrahimi Meymand; Zahra Mohammad Esmail; Rasoul Kharazmi; Mohsen Bagheri Bodaghabadi

Volume 76, Issue 4 , February 2024, , Pages 427-440


  Climate has an important role in agricultural activities and can be examined from two perspectives. First, what locations are suitable for a specific plant, and second, what plants are suitable for a climate. The latter approach is less considered; thus in this study, it has been investigated by introducing ...  Read More

Analysis of rainfed orchard development in sloping lands in the two Arid and Mediterranean regions

Mohsen Bagheri Bodaghabadi; Naser Davatgar; Shokrollah Hajivand

Volume 75, Issue 3 , December 2022, , Pages 485-502


  Human activities in the range of natural resources affect the sustainability or instability of ecosystems. Therefore, data interpretation and analysis related to these activities can play a pivotal role in assessing environmental issues and problems. The aim of this study was to analyze human activities ...  Read More

The Application of Soil Profile Information to Estimate the Soil Organic Carbon using Pedotransfer Functions

Mohsen Bagheri Bodaghabadi; Mohammad Jamshidi; Zohreh Mosleh

Volume 74, Issue 4 , March 2022, , Pages 703-718


  Soil organic carbon (OC) is one of the most important soil properties, especially from an environmental point of view. For this reason, OC modeling and estimating has been highly considered. In modeling, application of pedotransfer functions to estimate soil properties from the other ones have an important ...  Read More