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Measurement and monitoring of vegetation of saline habitats on the western shore of Lake Urmia

Javad Motamedi

Volume 75, Issue 3 , December 2022, , Pages 449-470


  Access to basic and up-to-date information on rangeland ecosystems; needs continuous and long-term vegetation measurement. For this purpose, during the years 2018-2021 at a specific time, from the vegetation of plant types representing the saline habitats of Lake Urmia, including; Salicornia europaea, ...  Read More

Prediction of current and future range of Bromus tomentellus in southern Alborz rangeland habitats, Qazvin province

Javad Motamedi; Morteza Khodagholi

Volume 75, Issue 2 , September 2022, , Pages 319-332


  Climate change has been a serious issue in the last two decades, and many studies have focused on its various aspects. In the present study, the effect of climate change on the distribution of Bromus tomentellus was investigated. To do this, 19 bioclimatic variables and three physiographic variables ...  Read More

weqRelationship between carbon storage of Astragalus brachyanus species with plant characteristics, habitat characteristics and rangeland management, Rajan, West Azerbaijan

Javad Motamedi; Shookofeh Ebrahimi; Esmaeil Sheidai Karkaj

Volume 73, Issue 2 , September 2020, , Pages 423-438


  Estimation of carbon storage is one of the essential requirements for evaluating rangeland ecosystem services and economic evaluation of carbon storage in rangeland plans. Plant performance in carbon storage is a function of plant characteristics, environmental and management factors. Therefore, the ...  Read More

The effect of fire on some characteristics of rangeland ecosystem in the Southern part of Golestan National Park, Iran

Esmaeil Sheidai Karkaj; isa jafari; roghayeh jahdi

Volume 72, Issue 3 , December 2019, , Pages 755-767


  Fires are one of the most important factors affecting natural ecosystems. This study was done in order to investigate the effects of fire on soil chemical properties, soil seed bank and vegetation cover in Yeke Bermagh, Highland ranegelands in the southern part of Golestan National Park. After determination ...  Read More