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Factor analysis and zoning of qualitative parameters of groundwater resources in Arsanjan Plain, Fars Province

Bahman Kavari; Yahya Esmaeilpour; Ali Akbar Mousavi; Ommolbanin Bazrafshan; Arashk Holisaz

Volume 75, Issue 4 , January 2023, , Pages 607-626


  The main source of water in the Arsanjan plain is underground water, which has been exploited in the past with Aqueduct and now with numerous wells. For knowing about the quality conditions of these sources; multivariate statistical analysis and interpolation methods were used in three years with different ...  Read More

Assessing the effect of land use changes on groundwater quality and quantity (Case study: west basin of Jazmoryan wetland)

Hamed Eskandari Damaneh; Gholamreza Zehtabian; Ali Salajegheh; Mehdi Ghorbani; Hassan Khosravi

Volume 71, Issue 3 , December 2018, , Pages 563-578


  In this study, the effect of land use changes on groundwater resources as well as monitoring of spatial and temporal changes of groundwater quantitative and qualitative parameters were assessed in west basin of Jazmoryan Wetland. Landsat satellite images of TM 2002 and OLI 2015 sensors by applying of ...  Read More

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Nitrate Concentration in Groundwater (Case Study: Watershed Silveh)

Omid Asadi Nalivan; Seid Saeid Ghiasi; Sadat Feiznia; Narges sagghazade

Volume 71, Issue 2 , September 2018, , Pages 307-319


  At present, Groundwater contamination by nitrate, serves as one of the most important environmental issues. In respect to various land uses of Silveh basin, its ground water quality parameters might vary spatially and temporally. For this, ground water samples taken from 145 points were evaluated. After ...  Read More

Zonation and comparing quality characteristics of drinking water wells in the city of Yazd using geostatistics

Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi; mohammad sefid; Ali Morovati Sharif Abadi

Volume 71, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 223-240


  Zonation of quality of drinking water sources is necessary for Water Management in Arid and Hyper Arid areas. In this research, spatial variations of quality characteristics of water (EC, Na, K, Mg, Ca, NO3, SO4, Alkalinity, Cl, TH and TDS were investigated in one-year period (2015-2016) based on the ...  Read More

Comparison of Different Geostatistical Methods for Estimating Rainfall in Hajighoshan Watershed

Yosef Nabipour; Mahadi Vatakhah

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, , Pages 487-502


  Rainfall spatial analysis methods are very helpful since there are not enough rainfall gauge stations and watersheds are scattered in large extent. There are many different methods for estimating average precipitation such as; arithmetic method and Thiessen polygon. However, the arrangement and location ...  Read More

Assessing of interpolation methods in order to snow water equivalent estimation

Sharbanoo Abbasi Jondani; Ali Fathzadeh

Volume 68, Issue 4 , January 2016, , Pages 779-793


  Snow is one of the main components of hydrological cycle in most of mountainous basins. Since collecting the snow data (e.g. snow water equivalent data) is very difficult and time consuming, some effort is necessary to develop methods to estimate spatially variation of snow depth distribution. In the ...  Read More

Preparing the spatial distribution of soil factors by interpolation methods in east rangeland of Semnan

Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Lyla Khalsi Ahvazi; Hossein Azarnivand; Asghar Zare Chahouki

Volume 66, Issue 3 , November 2013, , Pages 387-399


  The aim of this study preparation of the predicted soil maps by using kriging and Inverse Distance Weighting methods in east rangeland of Semnan. Sampling was done within each unit of sampling parallel transects and 1 vertical transect with 750m length. Soil samples were taken from 0-20 cm in starting ...  Read More

Spatial variation of nitrate concentrations in groundwater by Geostatistics (Case Study: Kurdan Plain)

Kh. Osati; A. Salajegheh; S. Arekhi

Volume 65, Issue 4 , March 2013, , Pages 461-472


  Spatiality assessment of groundwater pollution is very important to determine water quality condition, pollution sources and management decisions. In this case, GIS and geostatistics methods can be useful tools. Spatiality of groundwater quality parameters, in relation with various land uses, can be ...  Read More