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Modeling future changes in climate parameters of precipitation and temperature in Semirom watershed

Maryam Asadi; Arash Malekian; Ali Salajegheh

Volume 76, Issue 3 , November 2023, , Pages 271-286


  GCM models are widely used to assess climate change on a global scale, but outputs of these models are not sufficient and accurate to assess climate change at local and regional levels. Therefore, in this study, SDSM model was used for micro-scaling of CanESM2 model data and climate conditions of Semirom ...  Read More

Suitability Model of Medical and Industrial Plants of Semirom Rangelands in Isfahan

Fazel Amiri; Hossein Arzani

Volume 72, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 15-28


  Range inventory is the recognition and evaluation of potential and actual production in order of optimal utilization of this valuable natural resource. Determination of range suitability for medical and industrial plants, considering sustainable utilization and creating models for medical and industrial ...  Read More

Investigation of Vegetation Dynamics in the Semi-Steppe Rangelands of Isfahan Province (Case study: Doolat Gharin of Semirom)

Seyyed Morteza Abtahi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, , Pages 311-322


  The purpose of this study was to investigate vegetation dynamics and range conditions considering the climatic conditions and soil properties in Doolat Gharin in the South of Isfahan province of an area equal to 25 square kilometer. For this purpose, after determining vegetation types and associated ...  Read More

Monitoring the Effects of Precipitation on Vegetation Cover Changes Using Remote Sensing Techniques in 12 Years Period (Case study: Semirom Isfahan)

Fatemeh Hadian; Reza Jafari; Hossein Bashari; Saeed Soltani

Volume 66, Issue 4 , March 2014, , Pages 621-632


  Because soil moisture condition affects vegetation changes hence, monitoring of drought and vegetation changes are among valuable management tools in these ecosystems. Nowadays, satellite images are used as a low-cost and fast method for vegetation study in different scales. Vegetation change is assessed ...  Read More