Study of soil and plant relationships is nessesery for ecological- based and appropriate management. The objective of this study is to determine the influence of edaphic properties on Haloxylon persicum growth and also, indentifing growth limiting soil properties for saxaul. The study was performed through the stratified random sampling and 3 sites were selected as follow: planted strong saxaul, planted weak saxaul, rangeland without saxaul. Then 6 samples of Haloxylon persiocum were selected in each region, meanwhile, plant parameters including canopy cover area, canopy cover perimeter, the smallest and the largest canopy cover diameter, average of canopy cover diameter, height, basal area and diameter were considered. Also, 9 profiles in sites were sampled and the followiong properties: pH, SP, EC, Ca+Mg, Cl-, CO3--,HCO3-, SO4--, gravel, CaCO3, CaSO4, organic matter, clay, silt, sand, available phosphorous, Na+, K+, CEC, SAR, ESP, PSS, PSW and TDS were measured. Ordination method was used for data analysis. Accordiong to the results, plant parameters have significant diffirences in saxaul sites with the same age. Soil physical characteristics including soil texture and chemical characteristics such as organic matter, available phosphorous, CEC, salinity, CaSO4 and CaCO3 content showed the highest influence on saxaul growth parameters.