Yazd province because of cultural and historical background of the distant past always had known as ambitious and hard-working people. Manifesting multiple efforts of these people is seen in water harvesting. In Yazd province, background issues such as evaluation and assessment of water, ownership and agricultural water share refers to the distant past which has been changes over time in type and form. The purpose of this article, meanwhile a short review of management method and operation of water with a focus on Mirab, the evolution of ownership, irrigation circuit changes over time and changes in water price has been paid. Research methodology is single-type reticulum (monographic). Location research has been Chrkhab village of Yazd. Irrigation cycle of village has changed in four stages to the final cycle of water from 16 days to 21 days and 20 hours has become at present. Now, 53 Owner of the well are operating. In this study, according to the classification made, those of their right of water irrigation period were less than one hour (small landowners). This group, forming the highest frequency, equivalent of 33/6 percent was. According to the results, in extent of water right distribution between owners and various whiskers, the owners try to allocate more shares for them in order to play higher roles in the rural society. Study of the current water price changes for fifty years shows, the price of general inflation society has not follow. In this review the current water price increase rate (growth rate), 0/12 percent obtained.