Document Type : Research Paper


1 Graduate student, Soil Science Engineering Department, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran

2 Professor, Soil Science Engineering Department, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran


Today, extensive improvements in fields of soil mapping have increased the purity and accuracy of
soil maps. Usual mapping methods moreover depend on skills and experience of surveyor in
identifying and delineating the boundaries, also need the high cost and time consuming that face the
soil mapping with restrictions. In this study, aerial photographs with 1/40000 scale were used in order
to preparation of the initial interpretive map and determination of sample region. Then, the numbers of
24 profiles were described in determined units. After sampling and necessary physicochemical tests,
soil map of Kouhin (Qazvin) was prepared and accuracy of map was calculated in two methods in all
levels of taxonomy. The first method was formation of error matrix and calculation of kappa index and
second was comparison the geopedological map with described profiles and evaluation the results of
each. Then a part of a geopedological map that had overlapping with map prepared by usual method
was compared with this map. Results showed the overall accuracy of 67.5, 90.5 and 98.5 percent in
levels of family- subgroup and great group- suborder and order of soil for geopedological method