Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.Sc Graduate of combat Desertification Science University of zabol,

2 Assistant Professor Department of Natural Risoures University of Gonbad

3 Professor Department of Natural Risoures University of zabol

4 Faculty Department of Natural Risoures University of zabol


In this research using GIS effect of land management and soil criteria with eight indicators to study the sensitivity to the desert lands of the region of Sistan jazinak creation is evaluated. Vote based on the model parameters wilderness - the latest creation ESAs evaluation method wilderness creation and in most European countries and the Middle East is used, took place. Using the above method each of the indicators studied work unit was evaluated for each index layer was prepared by the information obtained data compiled GIS environment and desired criteria for each layer made of information was. Ultimately determine the geometric mean combining and intelligence layer criteria examined in the study area based on the model (ESAs), the intensity map obtained desert region creation. Based on the results obtained from the map 8/15 percent low fragile Brigade were part of the 20/08 percent Brigade fragile among moderate, 26/80 percent high-intensity part of the fragile type and 39/45 percent of the area Critical moderate intensity is too much Measure of the numerical value of the soil with 1/22 and the least impact with the numerical value of land management measures 1/72 greatest impact in the desert region has creation. Among the indicators two indicators, respectively, slope and soil texture with a numerical value, and 1/03 and the two lowest impact indicator pebbles and operations management, respectively, with the numerical value of 1/91 and 1/84 Desert greatest impact on morbidity region are considered.