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The effect of environmental factors on vegetation diversity in Eshtehard rangeland was studied in present study. Sampling was done using Minimal Area method. To measure the plant properties in each type, regarding the extent of each type, three 500 meter transects with 50 meter intervals between transects (due to the scarce vegetation cover) were established. In each plot, the number and types of existing species and their percentages were determined. Also, profiles were dug at the beginning and end of each transect and soil specimens were sampled at 0- 20 cm depth. Among soil properties, the percentage of clay, silt, sand, organic matter, lime, acidity, electrical conductivity, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium were measured. After collecting data, Shanon-Winer species diversity and Simpson indices were determined using Ecological methodology Software. Finally, the most important factors effecting the species diversity variation were specified using Principle Component Analysis. The results showed that among the studied factors, elevation, slope, soil depth and lime are the most effective ones.


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