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Beekeeping is one of the agricultural production activities that can create employment with a small amount of investment. Beekeeping can be heeded as one approach to increase stakeholder’s income of rangelands, balance between livestock and rangeland resources, enhancing the economic status of the villagers and participation in range management plans. Zhiwar rangelands have great potential of land uses variety .Therefore in this study, we decided to determine the amount of increasing income from beekeeping. some of the factors that can affect the income of beekeepers were studied in this research. some of this factors include individual traits of beekeepers, the unit traits of beekeeping, the Costs, incomes. the datas of questionnaires in this study were collected by interview and filling out questionnaires. Questionnaire analysis was performed by using SPSS software. The results showed that the number of hives, the ratio of sugar to honey had significant impacts on the income of beekeepers and honey production. Among whole costs, sugar had the greatest proportion which causes decreasing in prices and thus, profitability. On one side the Increase of the percentage, causes the ascendancy in production and income, on the other side, it causes reducing in the costs and increasing in expenses. Thus, reducing the profitability is not only because of the high consumption of sugar, it may be also due to poor marketing. But the number of hives due to reducing average costs causes increasing profitability