Document Type : Research Paper


University of Tehran


The excessive reducing capacity of natural resources is one of the most important challenges that human beings have faced it in the last century. Proper land use and land use management based on its ecological potential play an important role in achieving sustainable development. Hence, in order to achieve sustainable development and in order to use land appropriately, tendencies should be directed towards the planning and utilization of resources on the basis of their resources. Therefore, since agriculture has a great deal of environmental impact on urban areas, the evaluation of agricultural lands is necessary. The aim of this study is evaluation of ecological potential of land in Eshtehard in terms of agriculture and rangelands. For this purpose, the ecological potential of the lands of Eshtehard was evaluated using ecological criteria and using Fuzzy, Fuzzy AHP methods and Geographic Information System (GIS). The Fuzzy method was used to standardize the layers and also to assign weight to each of the indices used by Fuzzy AHP method. The results of this study showed that class 1 lands with 1.50% is the lowest and the class 4 lands with 25.36% of the total area of the study area has the biggest area. The results of the analysis in this study indicate the high efficiency of Fuzzy AHP method in assessing the ecological potential of the area and can be used with changes necessary for other areas and also other location actives.