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Different plants have different effects on the characteristics of their surroundings, especially on the soil. Soil properties also have the different effects of these plants on them. In this research, the effect of capparis spinosa on the soil characteristics of three areas with different soil characteristics was evaluated. The under-floor soils of the capper plant in three depths of 0-30, 60-30 and 60-90 cm, compared to the non-vegetation soils, were taken in three different geographic regions with six replicates and a total of 108 depth samples, and in The laboratory measured some of their physical and chemical properties. SPSS software was used to analyze the data and to compare the measured characteristics with non-pairs F and T tests. The results showed that the effect of capper plant on the characteristics of saline soils is a significant reduction of salinity and soil salts, reducing SAR and simultaneously improving some of the characteristics of fertility, such as increasing the potassium available in these areas. Also, in soils with light and medium non-saline texture, significant increase in available potassium levels and SAR reduction were observed in the lagging soil.


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