Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD student of soil resource management, Department of Soil Science and Engineering, university of Tehran

2 university of Tehran

3 University of Tehran


Soil is known as a dynamic media so it easily degrade with inapplicable usage so with increasing in degradation of this limited source, the world’s food safety would be in danger. Thus, applicable and sustainable usage of agricultural lands are become an essential and inevitable agenda. Therefore, the aim of this study is to Digital soil mapping using decision tree for agricultural land suitability, In order to constitute management programs for sustainable use of agricultural lands. For this aim, samples were collected based on cLHS and after some laboratory experiments, modeling and digital soil mapping were created by Random Forest Model. Also, agricultural land suitability for dominant crops were investigated by parametric method. The results showed that the land evaluation for irrigated wheat with surface irrigation 75.27% of the total area S2 class and 24.73% of the land in the class S3, respectively. In assessing the suitability of land for Maize irrigation, 14.78% of the land in classes S1, S2 84.82 of class and 0.39% of the land in the class S3, respectively. Results for alfalfa irrigation land evaluation showed that 11.10 percent of the land in classes S1, 88.49% in the S2 class and 0.4% of the class S3, respectively