Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Department, Eest Azarbaijan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center, AREEO, Tabriz, Iran

2 Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources, Tehran University.

3 Associate Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources, Tehran University.

4 Member of the Scientific Board of Soil and Water Conservation Center


One of the types of water erosion and land degradation which causes imbalance, is the gully erosion phenomenon. Land degradation, a broken ecological balance of the land and landscape and risk of falling at biological resources in these areas, the study of the gully, is inevitable and necessary especially in the Darrehshahr Township. In this regard, Gully 36 number were selected in Darrehshahr area in the ilam province. To this end, were identified environmental factors, Physical - Chemical Soil properties, cover and hydrological properties of gullies tested using aerial photography, the digital maps and field operations. To determine the extent effect these factors on each of the gully geometry characteristics using fuzzy logic and information theory, the membership function and the weights of the membership function of each of the factors was calculated. Then relationship between the independent and dependent variables was obtained by using multivariate regression. Results of statistical analysis using multiple regression (stepwise method) revealed that length of gully with upstream area of the gully, top and bottom width and cross section of the Gully with basin elongation, deep gully with basin elongation and slope curvature, high of head Gully with local slope of the gully and steep walls of gully with percentage cover have a significant relationship. So could be concluded that characteristics of geometry gully in the study area would be a function of the upstream, basin elongation, curvature slope, Local slope of the gully head and the percentage of canopy cover catchment area of gully.