Multi scale Analysis of Geomorphologic Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (GIUH)

Document Type : Research Paper



Given the increasing trend of application of Geographic Information System (GIS) for natural resources study in one hand and complication of biological, geomorphological, hydrological and ecosystem mechanisms on the other hand, scale is an overlooked but very impressive and flourishing concept. As for any natural resources study consistent with its phase, various maps are used and produced so in order to make the achieved results usable for planning as well as management of resources, determination of scale of the study and application domain for the results is very significant.
Since using GIUH model in the basins without hydrological data have been widely recommended by hydrologist and this model developed in accordance to the relationship between geomorphological properties of basins and their effects on hydrological responses, so before using that it is essential to determine the optimal scale (in view points of accuracy, time and cost) which in this paper will be selected from 1:50000 and 1:25000 scales ,inclusively used in topographic maps in Iran, using multi-scale analysis. Of course, it should be mentioned that giving a comparison between the results of GIUH and the recorded data as well as the model’s effectiveness in our research basin has not been the purpose.