Document Type : Research Paper


Agricultural extension and education, University of Tehran


The phenomenon of climate change, especially the drought in Iran during the past decades are increasingly on the rise. In this respect the role of institutions and institutional entrepreneurship in areas that suffer from drought are can be used as the perfect solution for the management of drought. The aim of this study was to analyze the institutional management of drought with approach of social network analysis. The statistical research community is smallholder farmers of Saveh town. The dominant statistical method in this study is to measure and extract the total network indexes through the network analysis technique. Based on information obtained from the institutional rankings were determined that the most current information on educational information network two-sided with ministry of agriculture and veterinary. In the context of the flow of information, banks and credit institutions support the centrality of the ranking. In terms of information flow as well as the largest specialized veterinary related role information to current technical and specialized in order to catch up with climate change. The research results show that the different dimensions of social networks effect on the mobilization of resources and on the other hand, the lack of institutional entrepreneurship can damage caused by climate change will intensify. At the end, suggestions are made to improve the management of droughts.