Document Type : Research Paper


1  Ph.D. Student Combating Desertification, Faculty of Natural Resources and Eremology, Yazd University, Iran.

2 Department of Arid Lands Management/Natural Resources/Yazd University

3  Prof., Faculty of Natural Resources and Eremology, Yazd University, Iran.


Dust event is one of the common and destructive phenomenon in arid and desert regions. This phenomenon has negative impacts on human life and environment. Dust storms, in addition to soil loss, can cause and aggravate health problems, food production reduction, economical damages into the industrial, agricultural and communication sections. Therefore, accurate investigative of this phenomenon is necessary. The aim of this research was regional analysis of dust storm index (DSI) in 44 meteorological stations of Iran. At first stage, the dust storm index for each station was calculated using hourly dust data. Next, monthly averages of dust storm index (DSI) were used for regional analysis using linear moments approach. Based on regional analysis, the study area is divided to six homogeneous dust storm index regions. Pearson Type III (PE3) and Generalized Logistic (GLO) distribution models were the best regional distribution models for 1, 4, 5, 6 homogeneous regions, and 2, 3 homogeneous regions, respectively. Estimation of the dust storm index and its regional analysis can be used in many environmental studies, decision making and management processes in relation to combating desertification and dust storms.