Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor,Research Division of Natural Resources, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center,areeo,Shahrekord,Iran

2 TMU University, faculty of Natural Resources &Marine science, Noor,Iran.


Floristic studies are fundamental for the applied sciences such as rangeland management and conservation. Rangelands of Sadrabad with an area of 40000 hectares is jocated in South West of Yazd province that it remarkable habitat for the floristic studies. In this study the floristic list of the region is presented and their life forms and endangered species are distingushed Plants were sampled following the common method in the regional taxonomic studies and their families, genera, and species were determined using indispensable references. The life form of plant species was determined using Raunkier’s method. The results showed that 235 plant species belonging to 39 families and 169 genera exist in this area. Hemicryptophytes, Therophytes, Chamaephytes, Geophytes and Phanerophytes included 36.45, 25.65, 23.47 , 7.82 and 6.55% of the total species, respectively. Furthermore, the endangered species of the region were identified on the basis of IUCN criteria and Red Data Book of Iran. Accordingly, 43endangered species were identified, of which 34 were in lower risk (LR) class, , 7 species were in vulnerable (VU) class, and 2 were put in data deficient (DD) class.