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1 gonbad kavus university

2 Bsc, Student

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Flooding is one of the most important environmental stresses that affect the performance of plants. The effects of flooding height on the performance of the two species A.littoralis, J.maritimus were studied. This experiment was carried out the factorial experiment in a completely randomized design with 4 treatments and 8 replications. After 2.5 months of ultimate recovery tests were performed. The number and length of stolons of A. littoralis were counted separately in each treatment. The number and length of rhizome J. maritimus species in each plot (pot) were counted. The total weights of dry matter, shoot dry weight, dry weight of underground organs were measured in each experimental unit. Analysis of variance showed that the effects in controlling the height of flooding on all performance indicators studied (excluding the effects of flooding on root dry weight) of two species A. littoralis and J. maritimus is significant. Comparison of performance indicators A. littoralis species show between the two treatment groups (7 cm below the water level and water treatment) and treatment (treatment without irrigation and 15 cm below the water level) there is a significant difference. Comparison of performance indicators J. maritimus species show a significant difference in the number of rhizome, total length of underground rhizome and dry weight were observed. Comparison of dry pasture species show the highest production of the two types of treatment 7 cm below the water level.