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1 khatom alanbiya behbahan

2 bushehr

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Understanding potential and capabilities in desert areas and Identification and introduction of plants compatible with those conditions, it is very important to modify hard and brittle conditions and forage production. In this study, to identify and introduce suitable pasture species for planting and establishment with the aim of restoring vegetation in Bushehr Province, the species of Cenchrus cilliaris, Cymbopogon oliveri, Panicum turgidum and Sporobolus arabicus were used. For this purpose, during the spring of 1394, the seeds of the studied species were collected and cultivated in the second half of 1395. The traits included altitude, percentage of viability, canopy percentage and forage production in year and plant deployment rate. Data collected in a randomized complete block design were analyzed by SAS software and the means of the collected samples were compared with Duncan multi-domain test. Results showed that there was a significant difference between the species in the measured factors. The species P. turgidum, C. oliveri and C. cilliaris were respectively identified as the best species in the climate conditions of the Dashti district in Kaki. S. arabicus specie in some traits, it could have a significant statistical significance but was not meaningful in terms of deployment and compatibility.