Document Type : Research Paper


university of tehran


For developing of water resources a lot of different factors (such as: geological structure, faults, joints and geomorphological metrics) are important. This research tried to assess the effects of geomorphology on karstic water resources in central Elburz region. Geomorphometrics indices were prepared in the form of separate layer in GIS and RS and were overlaid on the springs distribution map. To assess the relationship between springs frequency, discharge and geomorphology statistical analysis such as correlation and factor analysis were done. Results indicate a close relation between spring occurrence and hillslope curvature and TPI. Also the Pearson correlation coefficient of elevation and lineament density and drainage density was significant (P<0.01). According to results the discharge of springs are directly related to drainage density and indirectly related to elevation and lineament density. Moreover the fetor analysis on 17 variables revealed that the first six components had Eigen value of more than 1 and 73.5% of total variance was explained by them. Result indicated that for future developing such a geomorphology characteristics can give suitable information of water resources.