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Haloxylon is one of the resistant plants in desert areas, which has always been considered by researchers and practitioners since controlling sandy soils as one of the solutions to erosion and sand fixation by biological methods. In this study was conducted in forest plantations eshtehard, Bases of haloxylon thate wilting and drying effects are visible, was chosen and pruning them. This factorial experiment based on completely randomized design with four treatments, pruning time (September, October, December, February) and four sub-plots pruning height (Complete pruning, 25 cm, 50 and 75 cm) were implemented. Before applying pruning, for homogeneous and the same size the bases, Variable height, canopy cove diameter and crown diameter was measured on every base. The end of July condition bases was investigated in terms of Tillering and not tillering. Results showed that pruning stimulates been tillering. Because 97.5 percentage of bases was tillering. Pruning in January from height of 75 cm with 100 tiller hade the greatest number tiller. The lowest tiller regarding of November with 5 tiller. There is no significant difference between treatments in term of tiller diameter, but in general thickest tiller was for pruning in January. Therefore, it can be said that pruning is about 75 centimeters in December as the best pruning time and heigh.