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Feeding areas, and the spatial distribution of recharge in karstic aquifers, depends to factors such as geomorphology karst and its development, climate, slope, vegetation, soil and geological factors. Karstic aquifers in the study area, has the main role in the development of human civilization and supply water to communities. The purpose of this research is modeling the aquifer feeding areas Azhvan-Bisotun in Kermanshah province using KARSTLOP model. The results feed zoning show that the annual charge Bisotun karst aquifer obtained for between 36 to 83 percent. The greatest amount of recharge in areas with more than 78% charged, is accordance sinkholes and the recharge rate of 36 to 40% and 40% to 45% occur in alluvial plains. Bisotun geomorphology karst mountains represent a major role in the spatial distribution of values in the aquifer is recharged.