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One of atmospheric phenomena of dry and semi-dry areas and areas adjacent to these areas is the phenomenon of dust and production of particulate matter (PM10) that have many environmental hazards. The purpose of this research is determination of chemical composition and source identification of elements in aerosols in city of Kermanshah. Enrichment factor are used to identify natural and anthropogenic sources of these elements in aerosols. Tracing of sreams is performed using contour line in level of 500hpa . Samples of aerosols is analyzed for 20 elements by ICP-OES. According to this study, The elements such as iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, arsenic, cobalt, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium have low EF- values, this indicates that these elements have originated from the crust. These elements account for 84% of the total concentration of elements. This shows that crustal elements are the main contributor to the elements in PM10 in the Kermanshah atmosphere. The results of this research show that the most frequent pass of streams to west Iran; west to east of Iraq is in the first rank, then, westnorth to eastnorth of Jordan, east to westsouth of Syria and east to west of Mediterranean. Therefore, it can be stated that Iraq and its neighboring regions have important role in production of aerosols.