Document Type : Research Paper


1 Research Assistant of Research Center and Agricultural education and natural resources of Bushehr Province

2 Associate Professor of Natural Resources Faculty of Tehran University

3 Tehran University


Doing the research for monitoring, evaluating and comparing the results with the parameters of projects is essential in the most natural resources and watershed management projects.
Also in flood spreading projects the measurement, processing and evaluating the obtained information seems necessary. Entrance the large amount of flood with suspended material and sedimentation, changes the soil properties gradually. In this study influence of flood spreading on soil mineralogy changes was evaluated after 10 years. In order to investigate the changes in flood spreading ditches, three rows between the spreading channels which had received the flood were chosen as the sampling sites. To investigate and identify the clay minerals of flood spreading area and compared with the control area near to flood spreading area, thirteen samples of 0-15cm soil horizon from three flood spreading rows and settling ditches were selected. The results obtained from X-ray diffraction curves showed the presence of palygorskite, Illite, chlorite, smectite and kaolinite in control area, three settling ditches and flood spreading rows. There was no difference between the types of clay minerals in control area with settling ditches and flood spreading rows but the amount of some clay minerals was different in these situations. It seems that the dry climate of region was the serious factor in no change of clay minerals. Flood spreading had little effect on types of clay minerals and just was able to change the amount of clay minerals in flood spreading rows.