Document Type : Research Paper


1 دانشگاه تهران

2 Faculty of Agriculture, Ilam University

3 Faculty of Natural Resources, Hormozgan University


Any plant according to its needs selects an optimal location of the environment as habitat. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between plant species composition and edaphotopopographic factors in the steppe rangelands of Marvdasht in Fars province. Soil and vegetation sampling was carried out by random sampling and transect method, respectively. In this study, transects with a length of 30m were used. After sampling the soil samples were transported to the laboratory. In the laboratory content of OM, EC, pH, sand, silt and clay, Na, K and P were measured. The relationship between environmental factors and species composition was determined using DCA and CCA multivariate analyzes. The most important factors in the distribution of vegetation, were soil EC and Na. Altitude and slope were identified as effective topographic factors the composition of plant species.