Document Type : Research Paper


1 sbu

2 Geosciences Research Institute of the Geological Survey of Iran

3 Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran


Tectonic activities by the occurrence of earthquakes and the creation of driving force, tectonic uplifts, fissures and fractures caused by faults, creating and seam and cracks in rocks and accelerating the process of mechanical and chemical weathering, creating fault gouges and fault shear as the materials prone to landslides, increasing the penetration of rocks, changes in the direction and slope of geological layers, etc. cause landslides. The study area is located in the structural zone of Central Alborz and Central Iran between the coordinates of 49.22 to 51.15 east longitude and 35.81 and 36.9 north latitude. In this study, after library surveys and field observations, the location of 280 landslides with fault zones of faults in the region was compared with the relevant software and it was found that 34% of the total landslides identified in Fault zone. Due to the 5% area of fault zones, the high percentage of landslide occurrence indicates the relationship between tectonic activity and landslide occurrence. Therefore, it can be said that tectonic activities have caused landslides in the study area and due to the large number of landslides in the study area, the area can be assessed tectonically with high activity. Vulnerability of residential areas is also high in areas near active and Quaternary faults, because in addition to seismic waves and surface rupture during an earthquake, they threat by another hazard called landslides.