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Zoning of Hydrogeological Drought Severity in Arid Regions and It’s Relaion with Meteorological Drought(case study: Garmsar Plain)

Zahra Noori; Arash Malekian

Volume 76, Issue 2 , August 2023, Pages 103-114


  Groundwater is important water resource supply, especially in arid and semi- arid regions. Increased utilization of the ground water aquifer leads to significant reduction in the storage of reservoirs. This study evaluates the hydrogeological drought in Garmsar plain using Groundwater Resource Index ...  Read More

Investigating the habitat of Diplotania damavandica

Maryam NAEIMI; Parvane Ashouri; Farhad Khaksarian; Samira Zandifar; Masoud Mohammad aliha

Volume 76, Issue 2 , August 2023, Pages 115-132


  Degradation of the Earth's biodiversity has resulted in damage that in many cases is irreparable to humans. The purpose of the present study is to determine the boundaries and environment of the proprietary and medicinal species of Kozal Damavandi (Diplotaenia damavandica Mozaffarian, Hedge & Lamond). ...  Read More

Dynamic Modeling of Land Use Changes based on Human-Environmental System in Taleghan Watershed

Roghaye Shad; Mehdi Ghorbani; Khaled Ahmadaali; Aliakbar Nazari Samani; Maryam Yazdanparast

Volume 76, Issue 2 , August 2023, Pages 133-148


  Land use changes in countries like Iran, which is facing space limitations, should be thoughtful and in accordance with proper planning, just like water consumption. On the other hand, the inherent dynamism of human beings and their needs has made the way and extent of land use change over time. Therefore, ...  Read More

Financial Analysis and Evaluation of the Use of Electric Fence in Increasing Rangeland Productivity

Hossein Arzani; Esmaeil Alizadeh; Setareh bagheri; Mohammad Jafari

Volume 76, Issue 2 , August 2023, Pages 149-158


  Rangelands played an effective role in the country's economic and political development prior to its dependence on oil and its derivatives. Therefore, paying attention to the environmental and social stresses brought to these ecosystems highlights the need to use new technologies to diversify production ...  Read More

Investigating the effectiveness of resampling algorithms in improving the classification of unbalanced data in digital soil mapping

Fatemeh Ebrahimi Meymand; Hasan Ramezanpour; Nafiseh Yaghmaeian; Kamran Eftekhari

Volume 76, Issue 2 , August 2023, Pages 159-176


  In recent years, the use of digital soil mapping (DSM) based on machine learning algorithms with the aim of preparing soil maps has become widespread with the basis of soil class prediction with the help of modeling the relationships between them and environmental variables. One of this method's challenges ...  Read More

Analysis of socio-economic and environmental effectiveness of Atriplex canescens plantation

Meisam Alizadeh; Shafagh Rastgar; Jamshid Ghorbani

Volume 76, Issue 2 , August 2023, Pages 177-193


  The positive economic and social effectiveness of rangeland restoration projects activates the process of sustainable development and leads local communities to sustainable prosperity. The purpose of this study is to assess the socio-economic and environmental effectiveness of restored rangelands with ...  Read More