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Landslide hazard zonation using F-AHP method and proposition of appropriate preventive procedures (A Case Study: Nekaroud watershed)

Ommolbanin Kazemi Gordgi; Hasan Ahmadi; Mohammad Jafari

Volume 70, Issue 3 , December 2017, , Pages 763-775


  The ultimate aim of any research on the mass movement processes is to prepare zonation map and classify area into different degrees of hazard in order to mitigating related damages. This study was undertaken using F-AHP & GIS within Nekaroud watershed in Mazandaran province. Pairwise comparisons ...  Read More

Social network analysis: A new approach in policy-making and planning of natural resources co-management

M. Ghorbani; H. Azarnivand; A.A Mehrabi; S. Bastani; M Jafari; H. Nayebi

Volume 65, Issue 4 , March 2013, , Pages 553-568


  Since last decades, there has been a growing interest in the human/social dimensions of natural resources governance especially the structure of social networks in achieving to successful co-management of natural resources. Network analysis as a suitable tool in optimum planning of the “network ...  Read More

Classification and Ordination of Vegetation Cover in Arid and Semi-arid Rangelands (Case study: Nir Rangelands of Yazd Province)

Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Masoud Yousefi; Mohammad Jafari; Hossein Azarnivand; Marjan Shafizadeh Nasrabadi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, , Pages 361-378


  The current research was carried out to find out the most effective environmental factors in plant species occurrence by classification and ordination methods. For this purpose, the study was conducted in Nir rangelands of Yazd province and topography, climate, soil and grazing intensity data of the ...  Read More

Investigation of Litter Quality and Aerial Organs and Their Effect on Soil Characteristics of Four Rangeland Species(Case Study: Hamand Absard)

M Jafari; H Azarnivand; A Hajibaglo; E Alizadeh

Volume 63, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 307-318

  This study investigates the relationship between litter quality and aerial parts of plant on C, N, K, P and C/N ratio of soil in four rangeland species including Agropyron intermedium, Bromus tomentellus, Eurotia ceratoides and kochia prostrata. After recognizing the sites of these species in Hamand ...  Read More

An Investigation on Relationships between Soil Physiochemical Attributes and Vegetation Cover for DeterminingIndex Species in Savoj-bolagh Region

mohsen Naghiloo; mohamad Jafari; mohamad Tahmoures; asghar Kohandel; farinaz Hamedanian

Volume 63, Issue 1 , June 2010, , Pages 119-11

  The purpose of this research was to investigate the relationship between vegetation cover and soil characteristics in order to determine the most important soil factors which affect on quantitative variations and types of vegetation cover in the study area. The study area is located in west of Tehran ...  Read More

Investigation of environmental factors affecting vegetation distribution in the Zirkouh rangelands of Qaen

M. Jafari; A. Tavili; M. Rostampour; M. A. Zare Chahouki; J. Farzadmehr

Volume 62, Issue 2 , October 2009, , Pages 197-211

  This study was carried out to investigate the effective environmental factors in the distribution of vegetation in Zirkouh rangelands of Qaen. After delimitation of the study area, sampling of soil and vegetation were performed using randomized- systematic method. Vegetation cover was recorded by using ...  Read More

Land use planning for tourism development using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) (Case study: Taleghan Watershed, Khodkavand Sub-chatchment)

M Jafari; M Tahmoures; M. Naghiloo

Volume 62, Issue 1 , June 2009

  The use of GIS tools is one of the newest methods for performance of different land evaluation and planning projects. This research with the purpose of determination of appropriate landuse to natural land potential and improvement of land management of catchments was executed using GIS-tools in Taleghan ...  Read More