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Study of Water Ownership System Evolution Trend, Irrigation Cycle and Costs of Well in Charkhab Village, Yazd Province

I Islami; A.A Mehrabi; GH.R Zehtabian; M.R Ekhtesasi; M.A Zare Chahooki

Volume 63, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 287-305

  Yazd province because of cultural and historical background of the distant past always had known as ambitious and hard-working people. Manifesting multiple efforts of these people is seen in water harvesting. In Yazd province, background issues such as evaluation and assessment of water, ownership and ...  Read More

Study of Current and Potential Desertification Status With Emphasis on Wind Erosion Criterion using MICD Method (Case Study: Niatak Region of Sistan)

s.m Hoseini; M.R Ekhtesasi; A.R Shahriyari; H Shafiei

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, , Pages 165-18

  Sistan plain is affected by desertification and this phenomenon has serious impacts on roads and socio- economic activities of local people of this region. The main purpose of this study is estimating the current and potential desertification intensity of Niatak region of Sistan based on MICD method. ...  Read More