Sistan plain is affected by desertification and this phenomenon has serious impacts on roads and socio- economic activities of local people of this region. The main purpose of this study is estimating the current and potential desertification intensity of Niatak region of Sistan based on MICD method. That, through it the working units of this region were prepared as the base map for evaluating to consider the factors and indices by geomorphology method. Also, in order to prepare the desertification intensity condition for both current and potential situations of this region, the desertification intensity of various applications was determined and relative plans to current and potential desertification of each land use were prepared after evaluating wind erosion indices and accumulating their scores for each working unit based on reference tables. The results showed that in this region the desertification potential consists of medium (III), intensive (IV) and very intensive (V) classes, while current desertification condition includes low (II), medium (III) and intensive (IV) classes of desertification intensity, respectively. These variations were resulted by wind erosion control activities over recent years.