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Comparison of Regional Flood Analysis Methods in Central Alborz Region

v Payravand; ali Salajegheh; mohamad Mahdavi; mohamad ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, Pages 131-18

  One of the most appropriate approaches for flood forecasting is using peak discharge data of hydrometric stations in each region. However, lack of such stations or short duration of data in most parts of the country, make it necessary to use some alternative methods in order to estimate the flood discharge ...  Read More

Classification of Desertification Intensity using ESAs Model in Niyatak Region (Sistan, Iran)

s.h Parvari Asl1; ahmad Pahlavanravi; ali reza Moghaddam Nia

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, Pages 149-16

  Desertification is the consequence of series of processes in which climate change and human activities are more important factors than others. Arid and semi-arid areas have occupied most parts of Iran. Sistan region is one of arid areas of Iran where wind erosion is an important factor of land degradation ...  Read More

Study of Current and Potential Desertification Status With Emphasis on Wind Erosion Criterion using MICD Method (Case Study: Niatak Region of Sistan)

s.m Hoseini; M.R Ekhtesasi; A.R Shahriyari; H Shafiei

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, Pages 165-18

  Sistan plain is affected by desertification and this phenomenon has serious impacts on roads and socio- economic activities of local people of this region. The main purpose of this study is estimating the current and potential desertification intensity of Niatak region of Sistan based on MICD method. ...  Read More

Income of Eremurus (Eremurus olgae) and Forage Production in the Khazangah Rangelands of Makoo

S.M Heshmatol Vaezin; S Ghanbari; ALI Tavili

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, Pages 183-14

  Eremurus and forage are main by-products in the Khazangah rangelands of Makoo region. Eremurus is harvested and used by local people in a period of 30 days during the spring in this region. At this study, Eremurus and forage have been evaluated financially and the data were obtained through field work ...  Read More

The Effects of Saline Groundwater on Soil Properties and Yield of Three Range plants in Saline Soils

M.A Hakimzadeh Ardakani; M Esfandiari; A Mosleh Arani; H Malekinezhad

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, Pages 197-10

  The use of saline groundwater resources, in addition to save fresh water, could be used in production of forage in saline soils. In order to do it, the area in northern Ardakan, Yazd province with saline ground water (EC= 11.25ds/m, SAR= 16.7) and saline and alkaline soil (EC=27.3ds/m, ESP= 30.2%) was ...  Read More