Eremurus and forage are main by-products in the Khazangah rangelands of Makoo region. Eremurus is harvested and used by local people in a period of 30 days during the spring in this region. At this study, Eremurus and forage have been evaluated financially and the data were obtained through field work using unstructured interviews as well as direct observation. The harvested Eremurus value was estimated based on harvest costs and by means of market price. The data were analyzed through financial evaluation, annual present net value and infinite present net value or expected value. The results showed that gross revenue, economical rent and economical benefit per household were 4564 and 348 thousand Rials/yr, respectively. The amount of net benefit through harvested Eremurus was also 16748 thousand Rials/ha/yr. The Rangeland Expectation Value per hectare was estimated 670 thousand Rials/yr and 10.5 million Rials/yr from Eremurus and feed, respectively. Total Rangeland Expectation Value per hectare was estimated 11.17 Thousand Rials while the ratio of Rangeland Expectation Value of Eremurus to Total Rangeland Expectation Value was computed 6 percent. The rangelands of this region have much more products. Among them forage and Eremurus have been considered at this study. These products play a main role in local economy of the region.