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Evaluation criteria influence soil and land management in the wilderness creation Jazinak Sistan Region.

mohsen hosseinkhani; akbar fakhire; alireza shahriari; ahmad pahlavanravi; soheila noori

Volume 68, Issue 3 , October 2015, , Pages 459-467


  In this research using GIS effect of land management and soil criteria with eight indicators to study the sensitivity to the desert lands of the region of Sistan jazinak creation is evaluated. Vote based on the model parameters wilderness - the latest creation ESAs evaluation method wilderness creation ...  Read More

Classification of Desertification Intensity using ESAs Model in Niyatak Region (Sistan, Iran)

s.h Parvari Asl1; ahmad Pahlavanravi; ali reza Moghaddam Nia

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, , Pages 149-16

  Desertification is the consequence of series of processes in which climate change and human activities are more important factors than others. Arid and semi-arid areas have occupied most parts of Iran. Sistan region is one of arid areas of Iran where wind erosion is an important factor of land degradation ...  Read More